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Law Curriculum

In order to render due compliance with the academic standard stipulated by the regulatory authorities of the programme, the National Universities Commission, (NUC), the Council of Legal Education (CLE) and in full adherence to the Philosophy and Aims and Objectives of the Programme, the curriculum of the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) programme of the BACOLAW is intended to produce law graduates who will be armed with consummate skills and practiced erudition as imperative tools for meaningful contribution to societal growth and development. The College adopts a teaching policy whereby legal knowledge will be directed to solving social, political and economic problems in the society and the implanting in the student, the imperatives of understanding law within the context of its utility values in the society. All the students are introduced to Alternate Dispute Resolution processes and mechanism and every year, a good number of the students attain professional associates status of professional arbitration, mediation and conciliation bodies before graduation, or soon after graduation.

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