Interview with Zainab Damilola Adeyemi, President of LAWSAN, Bola Ajibola College of Law, Crescent University, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

Zainab Adeyemi, President of LAWSAN, Bola Ajibola College of Law, Crescent University

History was made and the glass ceiling was broken on the 27th of May 2022 when Miss Zainab Damilola Adeyemi was elected in a rerun election as the first female President of Crescent University Chapter of the Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN). She will serve as President during the 2022/2023 Academic Session. The election first held on the 23rd of May 2022 was inconclusive as a result a tie vote between her and the other (male) contestant. She won with 128 votes against her opponent’s 103 votes. I met with the mint president for a brief interview on the 14th of June 2022. This is how it went.

Glory: Madam President-elect, can you tell us about yourself?

Zainab: My name is Adeyemi Zainab Damilola, I am a 400-level law student at Crescent University Abeokuta, I am from Osun State, and I am a Muslim. I have always nursed the ambition and had the strong desired to work hard to be the first female LAWSAN President. Indeed, I worked hard towards it and with the confidence the students had in me and the grace of God I made it.

Glory: What inspired you to go for the office of LAWSAN president?

Zainab: All my life I have always been in a position of leadership and authority. I was a prefect in primary school. Then I was the head girl of my secondary school. when I got to Crescent University, I had the zeal to take part in many activities. I have always wanted to make impact and also a positive difference in LAWASN, more also because of the fact that there has never been a female LAWSAN President. I said to myself that I am going to break the record, make a positive difference, and open the opportunity for other female students.

Glory: How did you feel when the 1st election was declared inconclusive?

Zainab: I felt like it was God having his way, my opponent had 98 votes and I had 97 votes, and there were some void votes when it was declared inconclusive. Students who wanted me as president said Zainab fight for your void votes. I told them I was not desperate for this position, and that if God wants it to be mine it will be. I did not see any reason to fight for anything. Knowing that it was declared inconclusive, I was like, God I saw what you did there let me keep on trusting you, but at that moment I made up my mind, win or lose no matter what I will try to still make my contribution and have mu impact in LAWSAN.

Glory: What does it feels like to be the first female LAWSAN president?

It is a lot and overwhelming, I am incredibly grateful to God because my dream came to reality. I have always imagined myself to be the first female LAWSAN President and God did it and I hope that my win will be like a huge win for other females in Crescent University and outside the university.

Glory: who was that one person that supported you the most?

Zainab: A lot of people supported me, stood by me, and encouraged me and I thank them all for that but there was one person that did the most and that is my best friend Oladunni Majolagbe, the current Vice President of LAWSAN. She was always there for me when it looked like everything was not going as planned. She always encouraged me and gave me the support I needed during the election. I say a big thanks to her.

Glory: That is my very brief encounter with Madam LAWSAN President-Elect, Miss Zainab Damilola Adeyemi. It is great and pleasing to know we still have females with so much passion for greatness and regardless of the challenges and toughness of the effort. It goes to support the saying that no matter your gender, or race, or religion, you can get what you want if you honestly and diligently work towards achieving it.

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